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When Is The Mobile Power Battery Imaginary
Jul 18, 2018

Mobile power is a must-have device for everyone to travel, its convenience is obvious to all, but nowadays most mobile power supplies on the market have a variety of quality problems, of which the power of the virtual standard is one of the lightest crimes.

In the report of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, it collected a total of 32 batches of samples from the market. The problem of the power quantity imaginary standard was extremely prominent. It was found that there were 17 batches of product batteries with 0.2ItA discharge test, and there was a problem of capacity imaginary standard. The failure rate is over 50%, and even the product deviation rate reaches 70%.

A battery industry expert told Netease Technology: "Mobile power sources with more than 80% virtual scalars can basically be considered as having no virtual standard. This is because mobile power supplies must have various losses when charging, and the lines, Steady current, mobile phone battery may bring losses, 10,000 mAh mobile power output is about 8000 mA is a normal number."

The mobile power supply was not sampled by the AQSIQ this time. However, the recent inspection report by the Quality Inspection Bureau, the mobile power supply is fully qualified, which dispels consumers' doubts.

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