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The Lithium Battery Industry's High Growth In The Next Few Years Is Still Expected
Jul 18, 2018

Although the sales of new energy vehicles in July this year showed a downward trend, the upstream lithium battery industry is still hot. Lithium battery

The “2016 Third China Lithium Battery Industry Summit and Lithium Battery Top 100 Enterprise Data Visiting Conference” co-organized by data hosting and starting point research showed

At the tip of the iceberg, the site is full of people and people.

The reporter learned at the scene that there were more than 400 CEOs and experts of the lithium battery industry chain in the summit. The industry concentrated on the lithium battery industry.

To the development trend, the impact of the new national standard for power batteries on the lithium-ion battery industry, the new energy vehicle industry policy, the use of electric vehicle batteries and safety

The congruent topic was discussed.

Li Zhenqiang, CEO of the starting point, said at the meeting that from the perspective of China's lithium battery competition, the industry concentration is far lower than that of foreign countries. 2015 global

The market concentration of the top 10 lithium batteries in China is 44.4%. Only one of the top 10 companies does not involve power batteries. Li Zhenqiang predicted that by 2018

China's lithium-ion battery market will reach 96.11GWH, with a compound growth of 25% in the next three years, and EV will maintain a compound growth of over 40%, while the ESS market

The outbreak is expected in 2018.

From the perspective of lithium-ion materials, the output of this field has surged and domestic companies have performed well. Li Zhenqiang pointed out that the positive electrode material market, 2016

In the first half of 2016, the global output of negative electrode materials was 66,800 tons.

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