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Mobile Phone Lithium Battery Maintenance University Ask
Jul 18, 2018

Some people are used to charging their mobile phones before going to bed, so they get 100% of the power the next morning, but this is risky because there are still very few chargers that don't have the function to automatically stop charging when the battery is full. It is recommended that you stop charging when it is almost full to prevent accidents. After the battery is full, the battery is still placed on the charger, which will cause a slight decrease in the maximum charge of the battery. The long-term accumulation will have a significant impact.

Some people think that the battery should be charged after the battery is used up. In fact, the lithium battery is not afraid of charging, so it is afraid of no power, because there is a charging manager in the lithium battery, which ensures that the battery can be charged normally, if the lithium battery Discharging completely and leaving it for a long time can cause the charging manager to lose power, causing the battery to fail to charge. For long-term use of batteries, such as camera batteries, it is recommended that you ensure that there are more than 40% of the power, the battery will lose 5% to 10% of electricity every month, in other words, the fastest 4 months, the slowest 8 The battery will be exhausted for a month, and we will recharge it before the battery is exhausted to ensure its stability.

The life of the battery is also related to the working temperature. At 0 °C, the maximum charge of the battery is reduced by 6% per year. The loss increases with the increase of the working temperature, and the annual loss is 20% at 25 °C. °C breaks 35%, so the phone should try to stay away from the hot environment.

In addition, most people think that the first time they get a new mobile phone must be 12 hours or more to start using it. In fact, this is the method of using NiMH batteries. Most of the current mobile phones use lithium batteries, and the batteries are completely No need.

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