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Lithium Battery Bicycles Will Usher In Explosive Growth
Jul 18, 2018

In 2013, the world's largest bicycle production base in Tianjin, bicycle production reached 400.49 million, of which high-end bicycles (more than 1,000 yuan) products increased by 45.3% compared with 2012; bicycle exports completed 21.104 million, creating a new record for bicycle exports; The bicycle production reached 16.46 million, of which the output of lithium battery electric vehicles reached 1.06 million, an increase of 388,000 compared with 2012, an increase of 57.7%. This market vane also shows that lithium battery bicycles have gradually been recognized by consumers after a market test, and the market is rapidly increasing, and has moved toward a benign development path.

For the "raw" lead-acid electric bicycle, the lithium battery bicycle represents the future because it is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. However, compared with more than 30 million electric bicycles per year, the share of lithium battery bicycles is very small, less than 1%. From this figure, in the future, lithium battery bicycles will be able to solve the battery quality problem, the service life problem, the production cost problem and the cruising range problem, and will usher in explosive development. This also puts higher requirements on lithium battery manufacturers. In order to be able to take rocket growth, lithium battery manufacturers should accelerate technological innovation. The sooner these problems are solved, the more room for development.

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