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Is Your Mobile Power Safe
Jul 18, 2018

Now from time to time on the Internet to report mobile power spontaneous combustion, explosions and other information, so that consumers are very insecure, then what kind of mobile power is considered safe? How to use it is safe?

The first factor in the safety of mobile power is to look at the power supply battery. Currently used 18650 batteries (cell diameter 18mm, length 65mm, 0 is cylindrical) and polymer batteries, even the same battery, the final product is not the same. “The process, materials, processes, etc. are all very different, so the capacity and quality of the mobile power produced in the end are different.” Recently, Manager of the lithium battery technology department of Sichuan Changhong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters that Changhong mobile power supply From the concept of Changhong's old-fashioned military industry, it must be strictly selected battery suppliers, inspection of foundries, and strict quality control.

According to Manager Yue, most mobile power supplies on the market currently use 18650 batteries, and 18650 batteries can be made cheaper on a large scale. The mobile power supply of 18650 batteries is mostly packed in steel shells. If the quality of the products is not good, there is a danger of explosion. The biggest dangers of polymer battery products are leakage, short circuit, bulging, and the most sparks, the safety risk is even smaller.

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