The role of lithium-ion battery in energy storage of power grid
Jul 18, 2018

 The large lithium ion group was still relatively unpopular 10 years ago. But now, the application of lithium-ion batteries is endless. There was no such battery pack before on the ship, but now we can see the battery pack of 1~5MWh. The battery packs used in unmanned underwater vehicles, mining trucks and buses are up to 350 kWh, while the true oversized battery packs are those used on ground fixtures. The expansion of lithium-ion batteries in developing countries has a multiplier effect.

Grid function

Taking the relatively new super-large ground lithium-ion battery pack (such as for power grid peak shaving) as an example, weight is not a priority factor, volume has a certain relationship, but battery life, cost-to-life ratio, performance and reliability are the most important.

For example, Toshiba's titanium dioxide anode batteries placed in the market have a good cycle life. Applications include balancing grid power and providing emergency power in the event of a grid outage.

The UK is going to test its first battery system for adjusting the grid frequency. The British energy utility National Grid and the UK-based Renewable Energy Systems (RES) announced in June 2016 that they will jointly develop the system.

This 20 MW battery storage system can power up to 1,000 pure electric vehicles. Previously, RES had installed six similar battery storage systems in the United States.

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