Misunderstanding lithium battery standard
Jul 18, 2018

In December 2014, China’s first national standard for lithium-ion battery safety, “Safety Requirements for Lithium-Ion Batteries and Battery Packs for Portable Electronic Products” (GB 31241-2014) was released. Because this standard is applicable to lithium-ion batteries for charging treasures, it was once The media misunderstood the "first national standard for mobile power", but to some extent reflected the industry's urgent need for the national standard for mobile power.

"GB 31241 is a lithium-ion battery safety standard, not a mobile power standard, and can not be regarded as a mobile power standard." Peng Lin, the secretary of the Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Standards Task Force of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the vice president of the Safety Laboratory of the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, told the reporter. The mobile power supply is a product that has independent functions and can be sold and used separately, and belongs to a complete machine; the battery is only a component or component of the whole device. GB 31241 is a component standard, not a complete machine standard.

With the popularity of large-screen mobile phones and smart devices, mobile power (commonly known as charging treasure) has become a standard for people to go out, but the various security incidents that come with it are also scary. The lack of standards is also regarded as the industry. One of the reasons for the chaos of quality,

In July last year, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine conducted a random inspection of 32 batches of charging treasures on the market, and found that all 32 batches of products had quality and safety risks. Among them, 9 batches of product core weight impact test does not meet, there is the risk of fire and explosion when internal short circuit; 28 batches of product output electrical performance test does not meet, there is the risk of "burning" bad charged equipment; 20 batches of product shell material The flammability test is not in accordance with the flame retardation of the cell. In addition, 17 batches of products were found to have a virtual capacity.

The lack of a unified national standard in the mobile power industry is also seen by society and the industry as one of the root causes of chaos in various products.

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