Lithium battery has restrictions on the aircraft
Jul 18, 2018

As a kind of high-speed travel tool, the aircraft is getting more and more people. Many people know that they can't bring lighters, knives and other items on the plane, but you know that there are many restrictions on the necessary lithium batteries such as computers and mobile phones. ?

According to the regulations of the civil aviation department, there are restrictions on flying lithium batteries. Consumer electronics equipment (such as watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptops, camcorders, etc.) and spare batteries for personal use, can be placed in the baggage in the baggage, or entrusted by the crew deal with.

However, the number of spare batteries is subject to regulations. Among them, for a lithium metal battery with a lithium content of not more than 2 g and a rated energy of not more than 100 Wh, the number of spare batteries is required to meet the requirements of the equipment. For large lithium-ion batteries rated at 100Wh to 160Wh, the number of spare batteries per person is not more than 2 approved by the airline. Equipment containing lithium batteries can be placed in checked baggage or hand luggage, and spare lithium batteries can only be placed in hand luggage.

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