Lithium battery fires with fire
Jul 18, 2018

In recent years, there have been more and more self-ignition and even explosion accidents of batteries. Yue Gong said that the final reason is that there is a gap in the production standards of enterprises in China, which leads to chaos in the industry. “External short-circuit or improper use by consumers is rare, and it is easier to avoid due to improper stacking and transportation inside the factory. For battery companies, the biggest danger is the manufacturing flaws that cause internal short circuits,” in order to avoid such defects. Lithium battery manufacturers need processing equipment with good precision, and produce in low humidity, low dust environment, and complete monitoring and testing in each process.

At the same time, in order to avoid the self-ignition of the battery after charging, the uncharged battery must be stored separately in the fireproof compartment, and the monitoring facilities and automatic fire extinguishing devices such as smoke and spray should be installed, and the operator must leave For a safe distance, there should be an unobstructed escape route nearby. "But due to the existence of low-end non-standard markets such as cottages and charging treasures, many small-capacity battery factories use simple equipment to manufacture lithium-ion batteries, lacking the most basic quality control measures, and various internal products. There are many defects, and the hidden dangers of fire and explosion are extremely great. At the same time, the batteries after charging are piled up at random and the goods are adjacent to each other. There is no fire safety measures, which is prone to fire accidents and cause casualties.

The reason is that there is no technical supervision standard for the production process of lithium ion batteries. Yue Gong said that if the technical standards in this area are introduced, it will greatly reduce the fire incident caused by the unsafe factors of lithium batteries, but it will also cause a large number of small workshop-type lithium battery companies to close down.

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