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LiFePO4 Battery

AA Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

PRODUCT IMAGE Features The LiFePO4 lithium ion battery is a new generation in rechargeable batteries for the following advantages: ♦Safety: safest Lifepo4 battery, UL,UN38.3,UL,CE ROSH approved, built in PCM/PCB, none fire or explosive ♦Clean and Green energy, no toxic material contained ♦Good...
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AA Li-ion Rechargeable Battery


Product Name:

14500J 500mAh lifepo4 rechargeable battery



Rated Capacity:



Approx. 16g

Nominal Voltage:


Pack Dimension:



Voltage at end of Discharge:


Maximum Continuous Discharge Current


Voltage at end of Charge:


Maximum Continuous Charge Current


Standard Charge:

ConstantCurrent 0.2C

ConstantVoltage 3.65V

0.02C cut-off

Standard discharge:

Constant Current 0.2C

End Voltage 2.0V

Operating Temperature:

Charge: 0~45℃

Storage Temperature

Lessthan1 year:-20~25℃

Discharge: -10~60℃

Lessthen3 months:-20~40℃

Cycle times:


@ 80% DOD


2 years

Application: Medical equipment,RC models etc...

Product features:

1.the actual capacity

2.cycle life of more than 500 times, in line with IEC61951


4.Certificate: IEC62133, CE, ROHS (2013/56 / EU)



Our Advantages:

1.We use Class A quality cells,every cell must pass strictly capacity grading procedure until them reach to 100% compliant.

2.We carry on QC test for every finished product, assure every battery can be charged and discharged up to 1000 times .

3.We have got CE, certificates to assure the quality.


1. Read the battery manual carefully, use the recommended battery, and operate according to the operating procedures;

2. Check whether the contacts of the electrical appliance and the battery are clean. If necessary, wipe them clean with a damp cloth. After drying, load them in the correct polarity direction.

3. Do not allow children to change batteries when there is no adult supervision. Small batteries such as AAA should be kept out of reach of children;

4. Do not mix new or old batteries or different types of batteries, especially if you cannot mix dry batteries with rechargeable batteries;

5. Do not attempt to regenerate the primary battery by heating, charging or other means to avoid danger;

6. Do not short-circuit the rechargeable battery, as it will damage the battery and cause heat to burn the battery.

7. Do not heat the battery or throw it into water or fire. Putting the battery into the water will cause the battery to fail. Putting the battery into the fire will cause the battery to rupture or occur.

A fierce chemical reaction bursts to injure people, or produces some harmful gases and soot.

8. Do not disassemble the battery, or attempt to penetrate the battery with a sharp sharpener, as the electrolyte inside the battery can damage the skin and clothing.

9. Disconnect the power switch after using the appliance to avoid fire due to heat;

10. The battery should be removed from the unused electrical appliance for a long time, and the battery should be emptied and stored. And take out the charge and discharge once every 3 months or so;

11. Keep the battery in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight;

12. Nickel charger and lithium charger can not be mixed;

13. The battery cannot be soldered. The high temperature generated during soldering may damage the internal structure of the battery, which may make the battery unusable or even dangerous.

14. Can not reverse charge, reverse charging is equivalent to over-discharge, over-discharge will cause adverse reactions inside the battery and cause serious damage to the battery, resulting in large

The amount of gas is likely to cause a chemical leak in the rechargeable battery.

15. Do not leave the rechargeable battery under rain. Rainwater can conduct electricity. When the battery is placed under rain, it is likely that a short circuit will occur, causing the battery to discharge due to instantaneous high current.

If it is hot, it will damage the battery or cause danger.

16. The battery cannot be stored in a high-temperature or high-humidity environment, and the reaction of the battery itself is intensified, so that it is impossible to provide sufficient capacity to the electric appliance. In addition,

Under high temperature and high humidity, the aging speed of the battery will be greatly accelerated, and the electronic components will be corroded (except for high temperature batteries).

17. Do not insert the battery positive or negative, otherwise it will cause the battery to swell or rupture;

18. When the battery is stored, it is best not to mix it with metal objects. Do not tear off the insulating film wrapped outside.

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