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LFP 32650/32700 6Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery With UN38.3/MSDS Approved

LFP 32650/32700 6Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery With UN38.3/MSDS Approved

The LiFePO4 battery is a new generation in rechargeable batteries for the following advantages: ♦Safety: safest Lifepo4 battery, UL, UN38.3, UL, CE, RoHS approved, built-in PCM/PCB, none fire or explosive
♦Clean and Green energy, no toxic material contained ♦Good performance at high temperature and high-temperature resistance ♦No memory effect, highly efficient charge anytime, no reduction of capacity ♦Small size, lightweight LiFePO4 could be used in the consumer mobile electronics market, especially as the trends to be applied in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Electric Bikes, and Scooters, etc...
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General Parameter

Rated Capacity:

6000mAh, 19.2Wh

140 ± 0.2g
Nominal Voltage3.2 V
70.5 ± 0.5mm
The voltage at end of Charge 3.65 V
32.2 ± 0.2mm
The voltage at end of Discharge 2.5 V 
Internal resistance:≤ 30mΩ

Technical Parameter
Standard charge:0.2C(1200mAh)
Standard discharge:0.2C(1200mAh)Cut-off Voltage 2.5V
End charge current:0.01C(60mAh)Cut-off Voltage 3.65V
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 1C(6000mAh)Cut-off Voltage 2.5V
Maximum Continuous Charge Current 1C(6000mAh)Cut-off Voltage 3.65V
Operation Temperature RangeCharge: 0~45℃
Discharge: -20~60℃
Storage Temperature RangeLess than 1 year: -20~25℃
Less than 3 months: -20~45℃

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