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12V Replacement Li-ion Battery

PRODUCT IMAGE Features and Advantage ♦ safest battery. ♦ Green Battery, ♦Good performance. ♦No memory effect,highly efficient charge anytime. ♦light weight FAQ 1 I want to custom battery pack, can you make it? We are lifepo4 Battery Manufacturer for 13years,so if you have any request on li-ion...
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12V Replacement Li-ion Battery

Introduction of Lithium-ion battery :

Lithium-ion battery: It is a secondary battery (rechargeable battery) that relies on lithium ions to move between the positive and negative electrodes to work. During charging and discharging, Li+ intercalates and deintercalates between the two electrodes: when charging, Li+ is deintercalated from the positive electrode, and the electrolyte is embedded in the negative electrode, and the negative electrode is in a lithium-rich state.


Product Name:

12V 36Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack


12V 36Ah

Rated Capacity:



Approx. 4.5kg

Nominal Voltage:


Pack Dimension:


Voltage at end of Discharge:


Maximum Continuous Discharge Current


Voltage at end of Charge:


Maximum Continuous Charge Current


Standard Charge:

ConstantCurrent 0.2C

ConstantVoltage 14.6V

0.02C cut-off

Standard discharge:

Constant Current 0.2C

End Voltage 8V

Operating Temperature:

Charge: 0~45℃

Storage Temperature

Lessthan1 year:-20~25℃

Discharge: -10~60℃

Lessthen3 months:-20~40℃

Cycle times:


@ 80% DOD



Application areas:

Polymer batteries and cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and combination products are widely used in wearable devices, Bluetooth, GPS systems, electronic communication products, video and audio products, flashlights, miner's lamps, remote control toys, aircraft models, car models, electric toothbrushes, audio, digital electronic products. , emergency power, power tools and other fields.



Main features:

1. Applicability is strong.

2. Quality Assurance: It adopts A-type battery core with high capacity and low internal resistance.

3. Stable performance: Long cycle life: After 500 cycles of continuous charge and discharge, the battery capacity is not less than 80% of the rated capacity.

4. No memory effect: can be used for charging and discharging at any time.

5. High security: Built-in precision circuit protection board, with overcharge and over discharge protection to ensure safe use of batteries.

6. Environmental protection requirements: Contains no harmful substances such as mercury, ROHS, SGS certification, in line with European and American market requirements.

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