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Shenzhen Xinmu Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd plays a leading role in lithium ion rechargeable battery industry, which provides energy solutions for new energy vehicle, storage, emergency supply and industry mating products.30,000 square meter workshop, more than 500 staffs. With continuous investment in automatic equipments of high accuracy for effective manufacturing and engineering, our production capacity hits up to 500,000 Ah per day……

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New energy vehicles, solar power system, storage, emergency supply, industrial or telecom power backup……Read More+
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Xinmu company renowned battery industry with superior product quality and thoughtful customer service. We have a competent service team during sale and after-sale, we provide professional service because we’re manufacturer, we know our products better!p
What are the factors that really affect the life of lithium batteries? Xiaobian summarizes the following four points: 1 overheated or too cold environment……
Jul 18
Because of its large capacity and no memory effect, lithium batteries are used more and more widely in modern production and life, especially those products suc……
Jul 18
The biggest feature of lithium batteries is their high specific energy. What is specific energy? Specific energy refers to energy per unit weight or unit volume……
Jul 18
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